Each RAND diamond is unique in all the world. The proof is in the RAND Provenance Report.

The Provence Report, is your diamond's birth certificate.

All fine diamonds come with a laboratory grading report. Only the RAND Diamond comes with an additional, proprietary Provenance Report. You will see, in the Provenance Report text and pictures, these are your own diamond's unique history, the story of your diamonds birth and journey to you.

At the RAND Diamond Cutting Works, your diamond has its own serial number inscribed by laser on its girdle. At every step in the manufacturing process, what happens to your diamond is recorded and signed by the appropriate inspector, cutter, polisher and final quality control authority. Tracking your diamond by photographs, signatures and authentications, your Provenance Report is an official record of the unbroken chain of integrity from the original rough diamond to your finished, polished gemstone. It's your guarantee of your individual diamond's absolute integrity and provenance. It's your diamond's birth certificate.

More than a guarauntee the Provrnance Report documents the entire process of polishing your RAND. Through the report you can be sure that your RAND Diamond is polished with 3-Dimentional symmetry to Zero Tolerance Specifications, resulting in a diamond with unsurpassed sparkle and beauty.

Because RAND controls the entire process from the mine to you, only RAND can offer a diamond with a complete provenance report. RAND diamonds are uncompromising both in beauty and origin.

Your eyes and heart will tell you how extraordinary your RAND Diamond is. Your Provenance Report will confirm it.