These are actual rough stones as they came from the mine to RAND's production facility in Botswana. Now you know where the expression "A diamond in the rough" comes from. That fact is your assurance that your stone comes from a legitimate source (not a "conflict" stone) is completely natural and has never been enhanced or tampered with.

From the moment it leaves the ground, your "rough" was assigned a unique registration number that will follow it along its amazing journey to you. It's interesting to note the carat weight of the rough your own diamond came from and its final carat weight. Notice how much is given up in the path to becoming a RAND, significantly more than other stones require, this uncompromising polishing results in superior sparkle and beauty. This explains, in part, the greater value of the RAND.

"You know where your stone was born, how great it grew and what it took to make it the most perfect diamond available in the world."