Three generations of one family have personally taken responsibility for the quality of their diamonds. Since patriarch Barney Laub founded the RAND Diamond Group on the diamond fields of South Africa more than 60 years ago, it has been a leader in sourcing and manufacturing. In the 21st century, the Company went further, establishing a diamond polishing school at its new factory in Botswana. This has provided economic opportunity for local villager women who previously had limited possibilities. In fact the bulk of diamond polishers in Botswana today are women earning solid income.

Responsible for the production of each RAND diamond, the family continues to dedicate themselves to quality and value in their diamonds.

All fine diamonds can have a GIA diamond grading report. Only the RAND Diamond comes with its own Provenance Report, unique in the entire industry. Think of it as the birth certificate for your diamond. From the moment rough diamonds arrive at a RAND production facility in Botswana, each is individually numbered, registered and photographed.