After much thought about how best to return the most light from the diamond utilizing the finest human and technological skills, the RAND diamond is carefully marked by hand in simple pen and ink.

Highly skilled diamond cutters, trained in the centuries-old tradition of the Dutch masters, computers with proprietary software and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, a fine eye and a steady hand. All these unite in RAND's unique process to liberate the fire and brilliance hidden in the rough diamond.

After rough inspection, a process that can only be accomplished by the most critical human eye, RAND artisans then create a "blueprint" which will guide the cutting and polishing to maximize the brilliance and size of the eventual finished gemstone. (The CAD/CAM software programming necessary for this extraordinary precision matching was developed by Russian space scientists specifically for the RAND Diamond).

Blue printing a diamond is one of the unique elements in the creation of a RAND diamond and is a key component of the unsurpassed beauty and sparkle that all RAND diamonds possess. To accomplish this goal takes a master artisan and RANDs commitment to excellence. Only the symbiosis of human vision and state of the art analytical tools can create the perfect blueprint for each individual RAND diamond.

That is why each and every RAND diamond is triple excellent cut rated, the highest standard in the world.