In 1947 our founder Barney Laub went to Amsterdam, Holland where he arranged for a group of Dutch master diamond cutters to come to South Africa and establish the RAND factory. While in many parts of the world the skill and art of being a master cutter has been lost, the original apprenticeship system, training and standards, established by our original Dutch cutters are still practiced in the RAND factory today.

RAND is proud of its long record being an equal opportunity employer with a healthy work environment. In fact many of our cutters are second and third generation with us.

RAND operates its own training school and has been instrumental in providing training and work for members of the community including the handicapped. In order to help maintain a healthy work environment and achieve the highest standards of quality, RAND artisans and employees are paid respectable salary with benefits as opposed to the industry norm of piecemeal labor.

In order to better understand what makes RAND and the RAND Diamond so special click here for a factory tour.